Smart Home

VYROX Corporate Video
Statistic shows that we are the best smart home company in Malaysia. The first smart home company awarded with MSC Status. We are ISO-9001:2015 and CIDB certified. A company that backed by PhD engineers, PhD computer scientists and MBA managers.


VYROX DiGi Collaboration Presentation
Many of the technology giants and conglomerates are powered by our Internet-of-Things Solution. We are chosen, because of our technology impact in the industry.


Hill10 Residence Project
i-Berhad (i-City)
Powered by VYROX Smart Home
Our technology has bring their project to all newspapers headline of the day!


Gravit8 Project
Mitraland Group Berhad
Powered by VYROX Smart Home


Straits Residence Project
Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad
Powered by VYROX Smart Home


Amazon Echo (Alexa) Voice Control
We have upgraded our smart home system to work with Amazon Cloud, the popular voice control virtual assistants.  Just say you needs, let the AI helps!


Google Home Voice Control
We also upgraded our home automation system to work with Google Cloud, the intelligent voice control virtual assistants.  Just say you needs, let the AI helps!


In-APP Voice Control
You can have voice control virtual assistant in your APP too if you want!


On-Wall Tablet Voice Control
Voice control, voice control and voice control again. We got all voice control methods that you can imagine!


Smart Watch Home Control
We are the first smart home company in Malaysia who make smart watches home control (Apple Watch and Android Smart Watches).


3D Floorplan Home Control
We are the first smart home company in Malaysia who build ultra realistic 3D floor-plan control layout for smart home automation.


720 VR Smart Home Control
We are the first smart home company in Malaysia who build ultra realistic 720 VR control layout for smart home automation.


Smart PIR Motion Sensing Lighting
Not very high-tech product but it is very useful for a smart home for convenience and energy saving purpose. We log the sensed movement and graph it to your needs.


Smart Lighting Control
Lighting control feature is a basic of a smart home system. We control it and automate it. Set it to groups and execute commands according to scenes. We have variety of lighting controls like On, Off, Dimming, Color Changing, etc.


Samsung Smart Door-lock Control
We have everything in one home automation APP, of course it is also including the super popular Samsung and Yale door-locks. We have integrated them into our system so you can monitor and control your home security. Being notified when someone approach and unlock the door with APP when needed.


Digital Smart Door-lock Home Control
This is an OEM Smart Digital door-locks for our projects. It is not that popular as Samsung and Yale, but its features will blow your mind. Suitable for custom project use. Visit us and have a look when you free.


Auto-gate Control
Control is easy, more important is to monitor its Open/Close status. Say good bye to remote control and keys. Let’s live in the future!


Air Conditioner and TV Control
Control air-cond and AV equipments with APP is not surprising, it is a basic for a smart home. A better way of doing it is to use voice control and automate everything with one command!


Voice Control Motorized Doors and Curtains
Super silent motor and for certain series we have 5 years warranty. We are one of the best supplier for motorized curtains and blinds in Malaysia.



Automatic Electric Motorized Curtains/Blinds/Shades
Make your life simpler using motorized shade solution. Low price but high quality.


Color Changing LED Smart Bulbs
This product is awesome and attractive, very suitable for reading and decorative purposes.


Smart 360 IP Camera
CCTV camera is very common but actually its upgrading every few months. We have the latest solution in hand always. Please ask us for details regarding the camera of 360, face recognition and car number plate recognition. We have it all!



Motorized TV Lift
Control with APP and automate with voice control. Support up to 100″ TV.  Special price for interior designers and contractors.